In conversation with AR Rahman | Yashraj Mukhate | 99 Songs | @A. R. Rahman

Have you ever lived a dream? I recently did. I met my idol, @arrhaman sir and it wasn’t any less than living a dream, and got an opportunity to chat with him. We have that one thing in common - our belief in music.
#99Songs is a story that makes you believe in the magic of music, the power it brings to you, the way it can complete you. #99Songs is my story, it’s a story for every music lover out there, who has a dream... a dream to change the world. Thank you sir for this story. Can’t wait to experience the magic of this musical romance in cinemas this Friday.
Do check out the trailer : inblow.info/load/aKWDn32actrcpZ0/vhi-i
0:53 - What turned AR Rahman into a story writer?
3:15 - Did AR Rahman think of directing it himself?
4:05 - What is that one piece of music that changed AR Rahman's life?
4:52 - How does AR Rahman mantain objectivity until the final product is ready?
6:09 - How did AR Rahman come up with his craft for writing?
7:52 - Why was learning piano a prerequisite for Ehan?
8:59 - AR Rahman has an edge with new instruments. So, is he fascinated by technology?
10:25 - Who are the artists AR Rahman listens to?
11:35 - How is the experience of film promotions? How AR Rahman is handling it?
13:19 - What does AR Rahman think about the direction of upcoming talent in music industry?
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